Police Uproot 364 Stems Of Bhang In Nakuru

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Police officers flanked by the local administration yesterday uprooted 364 stems of bhang from a farm owned by a suspect identified as Joseph Ng'ang'a of Solai Location, Nakuru County, northwest of Nairobi.

In a separate incident, police officers from Unguja Police Station, Siaya County, recovered 347 rolls of bhang stuck in a suitcase and a safari bag belonging to suspects who had booked to travel in a Nairobi-bound bus.

The suspects, believed to have been minors, abandoned the haul and escaped upon being questioned by the company staff over the contents of their luggage.

Investigations are underway to unmask the recovered drugs' suspects and owners.

"We have always reiterated our stand against the use of prohibited drugs and the devastating effects this indulgence has on its victims. Drug and substance abuse has destroyed families, especially the youth, incapacitating most of its users from their ability to lead productive lives," said the police.

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