PS Nominees Urged To Prepare Before Appearing Before Public Accounts Committee (PAC)

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Kenya’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has reiterated that it will not tolerate unpreparedness among Principal Secretaries (PS) who appear before it to answer audit queries.

PAC chair John Mbadi said the habit has unnecessarily occasioned postponement of committee sittings and must stop.

“The Committee will no longer be lenient to PSs who appear before it and ask for more time to prepare their response to audit queries. We will be very strict and sanction such officers,” warned Mbadi.

The chairperson issued the warning after PS Housing and Urban Development Charles Hinga requested for more time to prepare a response to audit queries of the department’s audited accounts for the Financial Year 2020/2021 during a sitting at the Parliament Building.

Vice-chair Tindi Mwale said Mr Hinga was unjustified to ask for more time to prepare his response because he was familiar with the department, having been retained from the former regime by President William Ruto.

The Committee gave Mr Hinga one month to prepare a response to the audit queries.

Mbadi noted that the rate at which PSs who appeared before the Committee to answer to audit queries were requesting for more time to prepare was worrying them.

Members of the Committee also noted that postponing sessions for some witnesses affected the busy schedule of the Committee, noting that the move will not be encouraged.

“Why are the PSs very fast and aggressive to ask for money from the Treasury for their departments but become very reluctant when asked to account for the cash?” posed Mbadi.

He added: “The Committee will not allow PSs to relegate accountability. The law is clear on accountability and will be followed to the later,”.

The Committee asked PSs and other senior government officers to cooperate with the office of the Auditor General whenever they audit their financial books.

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