Renaming Road After Meteran Trade Unionist Francis Atwoli Left Kenyans Fuming

Kenyans have lashed out at Nairobi County Government for renaming Mandera Road in Kileleshwa after the Central Organisations of Trade Unions (Cotu) Secretary-General Francis Atwoli.

Nairobi Deputy Governor Anne Kananu, who is also acting as the Governor, said the move is to honour the unionist efforts in fighting for workers’ rights.

“This road has been named after my good friend and brother Francis Atwoli in recognition of his selfless contribution and agitating for the rights of Kenyan workers in the last 54 years,” said Anne Kananu.

Francis Atwoli
Francis Atwoli

Atwoli received the news with joy, thanking Kananu’s administration for recognizing his role in the trade movement. At the same time, he vowed to continue addressing problems facing workers.

“I want to thank the leadership of Nairobi under Anne Kananu, for this great honour and recognition of services to the Government of the day, the community and workers at large. We will continue offering our unwavering support to the leadership of the country,” noted Atwoli.

Nevertheless, Kenyans took to social media platforms to protest the Nairobi Government’s decision saying Atwoli does not deserve the honour.

Some also have sent him mockery messages.

“Congratulations Francis Atwoli for having a road named after you. You are an inspiration to corrupt officials. You are prove that undeserved accolades are possible. You are a sign that Kenyan history is a lie. You have shown that eating public money increases weight and government clout,” said Nahason Kimemia.

The majority have questioned the criteria Anne Kananu used to choose Atwoli, claiming he has not achieved anything tangible apart from shouting and yelling at rallies and on national televisions.

“Total disgrace to name a street in Nairobi after Francis Atwoli. What are we telling poor workers he abandoned for the sake of my BELOVED JUBILEE? He is a BILLIONAIRE in a country where labour is enslaved by capital owners. He dines/wines with the rich/powerful and is disdainful of poor,” said lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

“Francis Atwoli getting a road named after him in Nairobi ahead of people like JM Kariuki is blasphemy to say the least. One died for the poor and the other is exploiting the poor. Absurd!” added Lual Mayen-Adiit.

The unionist has dismissed the allegations levelled against him, saying he is an honest and hard-working man who never engages in corrupt deals.

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