Speaker Wetang'ula Calls For the Establishment Of Direct Flights To Algeria To Bolster Trade

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Kenya's National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang'ula has called for the establishment of direct flights from Kenya to Algeria.

Speaking on Monday during his official visit to Algeria in a meeting hosted by the National People's Assembly, Ibrahim Boughali, Wetang'ula said that the move will enable ease of transacting business in tea, coffee and fruits sectors from Kenya and boost levels of engagement in trading in oil and petroleum as well as gas from Algeria.

Wetangu'la acknowledged Algeria's support accorded to Kenya, particularly in the international space and when Kenya was rooting for representation in the UN Security Council.

"Kenya and Algeria have shared history traced from our fore fathers who fought for Africa's liberation, I am glad that we continue to pull together with the aim of lifting the lives of our people", said Wetang'ula.

He has said that unity between Kenya and Algeria will go a long way to stabilize Africa by tackling security, trade, education, health, and agriculture bottlenecks.

Speaker Wetang'ula expressed gratitude to Ibrahim Boughali for attending the inauguration of President William Ruto after the August 9th General Election held in Kenya.

Parliamentary diplomatic engagements between Kenya and Algeria are set to be ignited following the official visit by Speaker Wetang'ula, who is accompanied by a section of Members of the National Assembly.

The Members who have accompanied Speaker Wetang'ula include; Nanok Daniel, Marwa Maisori Kitayama, Jack Wamboka, Suleka Hulbale, Zaheer Jhanda, ZamZam Mohammed and Abdi Ali Abdi.

The members will form part of the parliamentary friendship group and meet their counterparts in Algeria to discuss collaborations, including exchange programmes on various fronts between the two countries.

Speaker Wetang'ula, who was warmly received in Algiers by his counterpart, the President of the National People's Assembly, Ibrahim Boughali and the President of the Council of the Nation at the Senate, Salah Goudjil, underscored the need for the two countries to cement their bilateral and parliamentary diplomatic engagements to build on the already existing goodwill among the two nations.

"Africa has come of age to be independent and solve her own problems by using her well-endowed natural resources ", he said.

Wetang'ula said there is a need to use the natural resources of the African countries to help build the African economy for greater socio–economic development for Africa.

Speaker Moses Wetang'ula encouraged synergy and collaboration among the two Houses of Parliament in Algeria siting similar working relations in Kenya as both are bi-cameral systems of parliament.

Moses Wetang'ula further called for the enforcement of African free trade to enable the free movement of business commodities across Africa.

On his part, Ibrahim Boughali acknowledged the warm gesture for Speaker Wetang'ula, who accepted his invitation to visit Algeria.

He underpinned that parliamentary institutions require strengthening through collaborations and knowledge sharing and commended Kenya for being at the forefront on security matters in the region.

He indicated that his parliament was open to proposals that could enhance working relationships between the Houses of the two countries.

"I encourage exchange of expertise among colleagues in our parliaments to be able to share and exchange ideas on different development agendas to be able to build the African Economy", said Ibrahim Boughali.

He added that he was delighted to receive the Kenyan delegation, which indicated sustainable engagements between the two countries.

On the other hand, the President of the Council of the Nation at the Senate, Salah Goudjil, said that Kenya is a Sister country to Algeria and that he was honoured to host the Kenya delegation led by Speaker Wetang'ula.

He commended Kenya for her resilience in building her economy. He noted that the meeting was important as it came right after the African Union Summit, highlighting critical economic matters for Africa.

"Our bilateral engagements exist and just need to be actively revived by strengthening and reinforcing treaties among the two countries," said Salah Goudjil.

He acknowledged that having an active Parliamentary group will help link the two nations on various collaborations encouraging the use of the Pan-African Parliament to cement the relations between African countries.

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