Students set dormitory ablaze after being barred from worshipping with girls

On the night of Sunday, September 12, 2021, a fire broke out in a dormitory at Eor Ekule Secondary School in Narok East, Kenya's Rift Valley.

A section of students burned the dormitory after being barred from holding a Christian union fellowship with counterparts from a nearby girl's school.

The fire brigade responded quickly and extinguished the fire before it caused major damage. The roof of the building was utterly destroyed, and some of the students' property was damaged in the incident.

Narok Senator Oledama Olekina, who visited the school after the incident, condemned the act and urged the students to be wise and reason better.

“The students decided to burn their dormitory because they were not allowed to hold a joint Christian Union function with girls in the school! It is very upsetting to see young boys aged between 13-14 suffer because of a few senior boys who do not care about education,” said Olekina.

“You are the leaders of tomorrow but you want to spoil your life and future as you watch,” he told the students.

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