Thugs wounded in robbery attack

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Two thugs who had attacked a middle-aged man were fatally wounded by police officers as they escaped from the scene of the incident in Njiru, Nairobi County.

The two were part of a six-man gang that had just knifed a man who was walking home leaving him sprawled on the ground in a pool of blood.

After taking away the victim’s mobile phone and other valuables, the six walked away casually as members of the public who had witnessed the daring attack raised alarm.

Two officers based who were on foot patrol responded to the distress calls on time.

The thugs immediately opened fire at the officers, forcing them to fire back.

Two of the thugs were fatally wounded during the shootout as their four accomplices fled the scene heavily inflicted with gunshot injuries.

One firearm and a bloodstained knife used in attacking the innocent civilian was recovered from the suspects.

“The officers assisted by members of the public helped the injured man to a city hospital, where he was admitted in critical condition,” Police said.

A manhunt for the four escapees has been launched.

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