Training of police officers on handling elections kicks off in November

The National Police Service (NPS) head of the Elections Preparedness Secretariat, Dominic Kisavi, has announced that police officers will undergo special training on handling electorates during the 2022 polls.

The officers will be taught non-lethal methods of responding to violent occurrences during the training.

The training, according to Kisavi, was prompted by incidents of police brutality that occurred before previous elections.

“During elections, police have been accused of a variety of crimes. In addition to intimidation, police have been accused of killing people during elections. “We want to make certain that all of our police are well-trained,” Kisavi explained.

"We've prepared thoroughly. In the year 2020, we began planning. The IG set up a secretariat, which I was in charge of. We looked back at what went wrong during previous elections. We discovered a discrepancy in how we carry out our tasks, and we decided to address it "Kisavi stated unequivocally.

Kisavi stated that the police were monitoring Kenyans' use of social media.

"As elections approach, there is a great deal of propaganda, fake news, and hate speech flowing on social media. During elections, technology is a major source of insecurity. We may face numerous obstacles if, for example, the IEBC does not get it right this time due to technological challenges and cyber security concerns "Kisavi added.

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