Two arrested for slaughtering neighbour’s cow

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Two suspects are in custody at Tiwi Police Post in Kwale County, Coastal Kenya, after being arrested for stealing and slaughtering their neighbour’s cow.

In the bizarre incident on Thursday, Mr Nassir Hamisi Mwakazidi, a resident of Kitsonga village, Kwale County, woke up to find his cow missing from his kraal.

He immediately mobilized friends who followed a trail from his compound which led to the homestead of one of his neighbours.

The owner of the homestead fled upon spotting the group approach. In the premise, was one Hamisi Ndegwa Kambi who was cagey in explaining his presence. This prompted the villagers to call Police officers from the nearby Tiwi Police post who conducted a search on the premise and found an animal carcass stashed in sacks.

The carcass was identified by Mr Mwakazidi to be from his stolen cow.

“In consequence, the suspects shall be arraigned in court to answer to charges relating to stealing stock,” said the police.

The National Police Service has asked members of the public to continue sharing information with security officers in the spirit of community policing.

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