Two Touts Arrested Over Traffic Violations

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Police have arrested two touts who were captured on a video violating traffic rules.

The duo was arrested on Monday, October 3, 2022, following an uproar from the public. The bus driver has also been arrested.

“Following a video that went viral on social media depicting two bus conductors dangerously displaying acrobatic antics on a moving public service vehicle, we wish to inform the public that the suspects, including the bus driver, have since been arrested and are in custody pending arraignment on various traffic violations," said the National Police Service (NPS) in a statement.

The NPS condemned such reckless and irresponsible behaviour, saying the bus crew exposed passengers and other road users to danger. The commission said such conduct will not be condoned, and stern action will be taken against anyone in contravention.

At the same time, police commend the public for promptly volunteering information that led to the identification of the vehicle, the crew, and the Sacco under which the vehicle operates.

While NPS commended the established saccos that have continued to enhance decorum and order in their fleet, it also called on other Public Service Vehicle Sacco to follow suit by instilling discipline in their fleet and reigning strongly on rogue operators.

The incident came at a time when compliance drive by the National Police Service in partnership with the National Safety and Transport Authority (NTSA) is ongoing across the country to ensure compliance to traffic rules and regulations is enforced.

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