Two women escaped death in an attempted robbery in Ruai, Nairobi

Two women who were headed to work on Tuesday morning are lucky to be alive after they survived an attack by three gun-toting thugs at Capitol Hill estate near summer city in Ruai, Nairobi.

The thugs, who were having a field day robbing unsuspecting pedestrians, had just accosted the two Anne Wanjiru and Lilian Mueni when the unthinkable happened.

A police officer, sergeant Samuel Mutuku who headed to work, witnessed the ordeal and ordered the robbers to surrender.

The miscreants defied the order and turned back to attack him, but he opened fire, seriously injuring one of them as the others took flight.

“With one thug down, a determined Mutuku pursued the fleeing duo for a short distance, but they jumped on a getaway motorbike that was 50metres away.

“But as fate would have it, the damned bike could not start after several spirited kicks forcing them to abandon it and escape on foot,” said the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Back at the scene, an irate crowd that had gathered descended on the injured goon with blows, kicks, and any projectile capable of causing harm that they could lay their hands on.

Pleas by Sgt Mutuku to let the man face justice in a court of the law fell on deaf ears, as the bloodthirsty mob applied the law of the jungle and killed the thug on the spot.

A mobile phone that had been snatched from one of the victims was recovered from the suspect. Also recovered were a long sword and a machete.

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