UoN students announce mass demonstration over fee increment

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Students from the University of Nairobi (UoN) have organized a mother of a demonstration on Monday, September 20, 2021, read a memo released by the University of Nairobi Students’ Association.

The students will be protesting against hiked school fees which, according to them, will impact the lives of students negatively.

According to the association, the strike will take place on all campuses across the country.

It has pleaded with first-year students who are scheduled to report to the school on the mentioned date for September intake to stay home.

Initially, the students used to pay $27 per semester for accommodation, but the amount has been increased to about $186.

For the entire semester, the hostels were charged Sh30, Sh28, and Sh26 per day. However, now they will have to pay Sh175 for a single room and Sh144 for a room shared by two people daily.

Under the self-sponsored scheme, fees for degree courses such as law, bachelor of commerce, and economics have been raised to almost $10000.

The cost of a two-year Master’s degree in communication has increased from $2750 to nearly $6000.

“I understand that the university is trying its best to have reforms on financial health. The main concern is that who authorized such hikes in accommodation and why isn’t there any formal communication on the same stating the reasons as to why?” read the notice.

The negotiation between the university’s management and the students’ association collapsed after the two groups disagreed, forcing the latter to resort to the demonstration

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