Vehicle owners promise to adhere to Covid-19 protocols

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Public Service Vehicles owners have vowed to adhere to measures to avert the spread of coronavirus after they were given the green light to carry full capacity effective today.

“We welcome the full capacity directive. We felt neglected when aeroplanes and trains were allowed to carry full capacity,” said Benard Mbwele, operations manager at Unified Poa Sacco.

According to him, they do not have plans to increase or reduce fares considering the fuel price has not been reduced.

In an announcement on Friday, August 6, 2021, the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Transport said the players in the sector must observe strict adherence to the measures.

Simon Kimutai, Matatu Owners Association, lauded the move noting that many people working in the sector had lost a lot of income since the pandemic began.

“With the kind of revenue we were getting at 40 percent, it was unsustainable and the industry was collapsing. Many people have left the sector, jobs lost, vehicles auctioned among other negative impacts. We will play our part in observing the new protocols,” reiterated Kimutai.

He urged passengers to do their part in ensuring the measures are observed. At the same time, he called on traffic officers to be strict in enforcing the new rules.

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