Woman Strangles Her Two Kids After A Dispute With A Husband

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A woman in Nairobi on Sunday night of July 25 strangled her two kids before surrendering to a nearby police station.

Diana Naisimiyu strangled her two sons aged 2 and 4, in Nairobi's Waithaka estate following an ongoing domestic dispute with her husband, Alex Miheso.

The suspect's mother-in-law had come all the way from Western Kenya to help them sort their issues, but more troubles ensued as new disagreements arose.

On the fateful day, the couple saw off the mother-in-law, after which Diana went back home locked herself with her three children in their house before killing the duo.

She narrated to the police that she almost killed her third-born son, aged five months.

“She said when she tried to grab the third child, aged five months, he screamed which made her realise she had messed up,” said police boss Francis Wahome.

Police stated that the woman claimed dark spirits possessed her.

Her husband, Alex Miheso, confirmed they have been experiencing troubles in their marriage but did not expect her wife to commit such a heinous act.

“She called in the evening and asked me to come home, that she has killed the children. She has always threatened to kill our kids, she has always sent me messages threatening to kill the kids,” said Mr. Miheso.

Investigations have been launched into the matter. Police said she will be subjected to a psychiatric assessment before being arraigned in court and charged with murder.

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