Chief Justice Marth Koome Urges Kenyatta To Appoint Six Omitted Judges

Kenyan Chief Justice (CJ Martha Koome has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to appoint six judges recommended for promotion by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Speaking during the swearing-in ceremony of the Court of Appeal’s President Justice Daniel Musinga, she said the judges must be appointed in line with Kenyan Constitution.

“As we welcome our 7 new justices at the court of appeal, this is a bitter sweet moment for the 4 colleagues not with us. I reiterate my position as CJ & Chair of JSC to state that all persons recommended by JSC must be appointed as judges,” said Chief Justice Martha Koome.

At the same time, she claimed that the Judiciary is under threat of capture by public and private sector players.

The CJ also raised concerns about limited funding, saying enough funds are needed to ensure the independence of the Judiciary.

“We have 26 other courts that are almost complete but can’t be occupied because there’s no money to complete them. If we have to tackle backlog of cases and adopt technology to enhance efficiency and improve infrastructure and taking Justice closer to the people, we require funds allocated to the Judiciary,” she added.

President Kenyatta rejected the names claiming their integrity is questionable based on reports issued by the National Intelligence Services (NIS).

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