Gubernatorial aspirant steps down for Raila’s candidature

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The former Chief of Staff at the President’s Executive office Nzioka Waita has vowed to support Raila Odinga’s presidential bid.

The Machakos Gubernatorial seat aspirant also confirmed his unwavering support for the ongoing Azimio la Ukambani Alliance recently formed to campaign for the Raila Odinga-led national Azimio la Umoja Movement.

He stated that his decision to join the Azimio la Ukambani Alliance is motivated by his steadfast belief that the Ukambani people need expedited service delivery and growth under the future government.

While praising Governors Ngilu, Mutua, and Kibwana for laying the groundwork for growth, Waita highlighted that the region had an excellent opportunity of consolidating recent wins by backing Raila Odinga's Azimio campaign.

“Last week, I announced my candidature for the Machakos Governor’s seat. Today, I also confirm my support for the Azimio la Ukambani campaign. While Governors’ Mama Ngilu, Dr Mutua and Prof Kibwana lead the field campaigns, I will be holding fort in Machakos Town as I plan to join the subsequent rallies because Azimio means a better Kenya,” Waita said Thursday.

“My joining the formidable Azimio la Ukambani alliance is borne out of deeply held principles to ensure that the wider Ukambani region reserves a seat in the winning team. Due to poor choices, the Ukambani region cannot afford to languish in the opposition. It will be a great disservice to our people, who have enjoyed the fruits of devolution in a big way and deserve to enjoy further and accelerated growth in the next regime,” he added.

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