Kenyan Speaker In Trouble For Impregnating Another Woman

A woman has sued Kenyan Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka over their alleged unborn baby.

The woman has claimed that Lusaka has constantly distanced himself from the pregnancy despite having the full knowledge that they have been having unprotected sex for several years.

According to the woman, their relationship has been moving on well since 2018 until two months ago when she revealed to him the news about his pregnancy which he rejected. She wants the court to compel the speaker to pay her a lump sum of ksh25 million ($250,000) or ksh200,000 ($2000) obligation monthly.

Kenyan Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka
Kenyan Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka

“Pending hearing and determination of the petition, Lusaka be ordered to support the unborn child by making a lump sum payment of ksh25 million or any other reasonable amount in the circumstances which should meet the direct and indirect needs of the unborn child and after it’s birth,” read part of the court papers.

The petitioner, who is now three-month pregnant, claimed that Mr. Lusaka insisted on terminating the pregnancy, a proposal that she denied. In addition, the woman has noted that she has not been intimate with any other man other than the respondent.

She accused Lusaka of failing to take care of her prenatal clinics necessary to ensure the unborn child’s wellbeing, perhaps in the hope of stressing the applicant and causing a miscarriage of their unborn child.

“Lusaka’s defiant and brazen refusal to accept responsibility and assist the applicant to access esteemed hospitals capable of giving her highest standard of prenatal care threaten the life of their unborn child and is, therefore, in sharp contravention with the constitutional safeguards of life which begins at conception,” courts papers further stated.

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