MP Kangogo Bowen Elected Blue Economy And Irrigation Committee Chair

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Marakwet East MP Kangogo Bowen has been elected as the Departmental Committee on Blue Economy and Irrigation Chairperson.

The Committee also elected MP Marwa Maisori Kitayama as its vice chairperson.

In his acceptance speech, Bowen encouraged the Members to comprehensively acquaint themselves with the mandate of the said Committee as outlined in the Standing Orders.

"As a Committee, we represent Parliament on matters critical to the common citizen in this sector. Therefore we must strive to ensure that no Kenyan is left behind as we deliver on our mandate," said Kangongo.

The Vice-chairperson, Marwa Maisori, appreciated his fellow legislators for trusting them to steer the operations of the Committee and outlined the key issues necessary to address upon assumption of duties, emphasizing the need to, first of all, undertake a background check on the status of the sectors they are expected to oversight.

"Being a completely new Committee in Parliament, we must first seek to understand where we are picking from; find out the previous main committee's recommendations on matters of water, maritime, irrigation, and mining; and deliberately decide what to follow up on," stated Marwa.

The vice chair also highlighted the need to demystify the term 'blue economy' to the citizens so that they can clearly understand the concept and encourage public participation in subsequent Legislative processes on the same.

Top on its agenda is to address the recurrent drought situation in the country by seeking a long-term and sustainable solution to the inequitable distribution of the water budget, majorly by putting in place legislation that will compel the budget-making authorities to observe the importance of striking a balance across the country.

The Committee also intends to make properly-guided follow-ups on the previous regime's stalled or irregularly stopped water projects to ensure the completion of most of these, if not all, projects to avert a total wastage of the already used resources on the projects' initiation.

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