Raila backs calls for Ruto to resign

Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has backed the bandwagon led by President Uhuru Kenyatta calling for the resignation of deputy president William Ruto.

Speaking to a vernacular radio station on Friday morning, Odinga said it would be honourable if he quits because he is not happy with how the government is being run.

Odinga accused Ruto of doublespeak, noting that he cannot be part of government projects and distanced himself from its weaknesses.

“If you see things are not okay and you are a principled person, just say things are not okay and resign,” said Odinga.

“That is called political principle, otherwise this is hypocrisy,” he added.

The former Prime Minister asked Ruto to emulate his father, Oginga Odinga, who resigned following his fallout with the first Kenyan President, Jomo Kenyatta.

“My father was the first VP. He did not wait to be sacked. When he saw that things had changed and was not being given assignments, he wrote a letter.”

He also gave himself as an example stating a case where he resigned as Langata MP to disassociate with the then sponsoring party’s links to the Goldenberg scandal.

“When I was Langata MP under Ford Kenya, we saw the problem of Goldenberg… I said I couldn’t continue being MP under Ford Kenya and resigned,” saying he was re-elected on National Democratic Party.

On Monday, President asked his deputy to step down if he is not satisfied with the way the government is being run, instead of criticizing it from within.

"You can’t on one hand say I am not going and at the same time you don’t agree [with the government]…You must decide and be principled in this respect so that you don’t confuse people that on one hand you want to praise the government and yet on the other side of your mouth you’re talking another language,” said President.

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