Speaker Justin Muturi Says He Won’t Resign

Kenya’s National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has reiterated that he will not quit his position despite declaring his presidential bid.

He has told off those calling for his resignation to continue to serve until he decides to quit.

Kenya’s ConstitutionConstitution requires any civil servant eyeing a political seat to relinquish their positions six months before the polls. However, the speaker refuted claims that he is a civil servant.

He further claimed he did not align himself with any political party when he announced his candidature.

“Who says I’m a civil servant? Once you’re elected as a speaker, you take two oaths, one oath as a Speaker of the House and the other oath as a Member of Parliament. Except for the MCAs whom the ConstitutionConstitution barred from running unless they resign, Members of Parliament don’t have to resign to vie to become either governor or senator or vice versa,” he said during a live television interview.

Muturi’s woos began when he has crowned the Mt. Kenya region spokesperson in May. He is set to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta, who has been the region’s mouthpiece since 2013.

Three Governors from Mt. Kenya had rejected his coronation saying it would have no consequences for the dynamics of succession politics in the region.

“It will not give him an upper hand because the people of Mt Kenya never had cultural kingpins and spokespersons until the colonialists came and installed the generally unpopular ‘Paramount Chiefs’,” said Governor Anne Waiguru.

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