William Ruto is a big hypocrite, says MP

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Kenyan lawmaker Maoke Maore has labelled deputy president William Ruto a hypocrite politician.

The Igembe North Member of Parliament said it is unfair for Ruto to criticise the government which he is part of.

Speaking during an interview on the local television on Tuesday, Mr Maore noted that it is hypocritical for the second in command to associate himself with the success of the government, and at the same time distance himself from its failures.

“We have seen the hypocrisy in it; when things are good, the DP says ‘We did this together and we are taking credit’…when there is stress, the DP says ‘We will not allow this confusion that has been brought about by this structure’”, said MP Maore.

He also defended the opposition leader Raila Odinga from claims that he is responsible for Uhuru Kenyatta's administration failures.

Ruto and his allies have repeatedly said that it is the 2018 famous handshake that caused confusion in the government.

“When you talk about the opposition leader having failed, I don’t know which exam you have set for him when he did not get the mandate to run the government. The people who got the mandate are the President and his deputy,” argued Maore.

Lawmaker Maore further rubbished claims that Odinga is a state project in the presidential race, noting that Ruto is the one using state resources to fund his campaigns.

Odinga will be vying for the country’s top seat for the fifth time. His foe-turn friend President Kenyatta has backed his stabbed at the presidency, annoying Ruto and his allies.

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