Many injured in Kenya road crash

A 6:30 am (local time) road accident in Kenya on Monday has left 20 people nursing severe injuries.

The crash involved two passenger service vehicles at the busy Malindi-Mombasa highway in Kenya’s southeastern.

The local authorities said one of the vehicles in the accident tried to overtake another vehicle to collide with the oncoming one.

Malindi police boss said one vehicle was heading to Mombasa and the other to Malindi, Kenya’s coastal towns.

The victims were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment.

The accident was caused by overspeeding and overloading, according to the police.

The incident came just five days after 15 people died and another 14 injured in a gruesome accident at the same spot.

The accident involved two buses, one heading to Garissa, the country’s Northeastern, and the other one to Malindi.

Those who witnessed the accident told the media that the bus heading to Garissa lost control while overtaking another vehicle before hitting the shuttle.

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