2-year old drowns as mother was taking selfies for photoshoot

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A 2-year-old toddler drowned in a pool while his model mother was supposedly having fun with her pals at a nearby photoshoot.

Wiyada Pontawee, a 26-year-old mother, and her photographer husband were alleged to have accompanied Chawanakon Hancharoenpanna, a child, and his sibling to a residence in Pattya, Thailand, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Other adult models were reportedly present at the gathering, which also served as a photoshoot for the model mother and other guests.

Wiyada and her son, Chawanakon, who tragically drownedCredit ViralPress
Wiyada and her son, Chawanakon, who tragically drownedCredit ViralPress Photo credit: Viralpress

Widaya, who goes by the pseudonym “Soda,” is said to post explicit images of herself on adult websites such as OnlyFans and other sites where individuals pay to view the content.

Wiya, who was dressed in a provocative black bikini, took selfies in front of the pool and on a snooker table with her legs apart during the aforementioned event on February 14.

The drowned kid and his sibling were photographed playing at the swimming pool below while she was photographing them.

However, Chawanakon, who was only two days from his third birthday, sadly drowned in the pool later that evening while his mom was “working” inside the villa.

His father heard him struggling in the water around 10pm and jumped into the pool to rescue him, and they also called emergency services.

When medics arrived the scene, they tried to perform CPR on the toddler but it was too late. He was later confirmed dead at the hospital.

Speaking on the sad incident, the distraught mom said: “I’m heartbroken. I don’t want to live anymore. I am praying to bring my son back to life.”

The toddler’s father, Pongrit Hancharoenpanna, told paramedics that he and his wife “were working” at the time of the accident.

He said: “I was working when it happened. Then I heard the sound from the water and saw my boy in the pool. He was choking, so I jumped in to help him but it was too late.”

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