E-Village Launched In India To Cater For Rural Communities

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World First Metro Village, E- Village, has been launched in India to cater for sustainable rural development across the rural communities in the country.

The visionary Project also announced a partnership with the Face of Women of Heart Awards, WOHA, Winner of 2022, in London, Dr Virginia Riviera.

Riviera, a Successful entrepreneur from America, had been dedicated to empowering women and fostering self-dependence.

The founder of E Village, Mr Kr Peeyush Pandit, at the launch of the Project in India, said Virginia Rivera expressed her commitment to contribute to the Project’s social impact.

The founder further stated that Rivera’s extensive experience in training thousands of women in various skills, a wealth of knowledge and expertise would be a big plus to the Project.

Mr Peeyush Pandit, the driving force behind E Village, expressed his enthusiasm about the newly formed partnership, stating, “Virginia Rivera’s commitment to empowering women and her passion for social impact align perfectly with our mission. As the first partner of our Project, she will play a vital role in the development of education in rural India and advancing women’s empowerment. I am optimistic about the positive impact that our partnership with Dr. Rivera will have on a global scale.”

The founder equally disclosed that the alliance between Virginia Rivera and E Village reflects a shared vision for creating a profound and lasting global impact.

He added that both entities are committed to promoting sustainable development, education, and empowerment for women, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering a more equitable world.

In her response at the occasion, Dr Virginia Rivers said she was thrilled to be an official part of E Village and work towards its growth in social initiatives.

She explained that after witnessing the remarkable work undertaken by the organization, she felt compelled to join hands with Peeyush Group’s social initiatives.

” Today, I am proud to be the first partner for this project, and I am eager to drive positive change in rural India through education and women’s empowerment.”

Accordingly, the Founder/ Chief Executive Officer of WOHA, Dr Desziree Richardship, said the E Village project would gain momentum with its partnership with Dr Virginia Rivera as she assured that there would be a significant step towards achieving its goals and ensuring a brighter future for rural communities.

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