Saudi Arabia Makes Shocking Announcement on 2021 Hajj and Umrah

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Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Hajj & Umrah have announced that Hajj 1442 (2021) will be limited to pilgrims and citizens of Saudi Arabia. 60,000 Citizens and Residents of Different Nationalities residing in the Kingdom will only perform the annual Islamic ritual, the ministry said.

Saudi "Citizens and Residents who have recieved at least one dose of COVID-19 Vaccination or have contracted and recovered from the virus in the last 6 months are eligible to apply for Hajj 1442," according to a statement released by the ministry and obtained from Haramain Sharifain.

The performance of the Hajj rites this year will be limited to age groups from 18 to 65 years.

Many have immediately expressed dismay over the announcement, saying that Saudi authorities should have made the announcement earlier.

"Very sad news…. why did they delay in making such important decisions when people all over the world were waiting all this time. They should have allowed foreign countries like they said before," said Salma Qareshi.

Abeeb Asha an online commentator also expressed his frustration stating that Hajj authorities should have allowed those fully vaccinated. "Decision is purely biased….
Should allow to the people who r fully vaccinated from every country."

Last year, the Hajj exercise was cancelled due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. About 2 million Muslims perform Hajj annually.

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