Elon Musk denies talking to Putin before controversial post about war in Ukraine

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Ian Bremmer, a political scientist, has disclosed what he discussed with the world's richest man, Elon Musk, about the war in Ukraine.

Bremmer said Mr. Musk had talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin before he tweeted, supporting Russian views and the best outcome of the Russian war in Ukraine.

Political analyst Ian Bremmer wrote that Elon Musk had spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin before he posted tweets seeking support for his views about the best outcome of Russia's war on Ukraine.

The Tesla CEO recently made a statement that attracted appreciation from the Russian government but drew criticism from anti-Russian states.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

In a series of tweets on Tuesday evening, Ian said that Musk confidently disclosed that he talked with "Putin and the Kremlin directly about Ukraine."

"He also told me what the Kremlin's red lines were," the author said without disclosing details of the conversation.

In response, Elon Musk tweeted to his fans, urging them not to believe Ian, "Nobody should trust Bremmer," Musk tweeted.

"I have spoken to Putin only once, and that was about 18 months ago. The subject matter was space."

Bremmer defended his position in reaction, saying, "I have been writing my weekly newsletter on geopolitics for 24 yrs. I write honestly without fear or favor, and this week's update was no different.

"I've long admired Musk as a unique and world-changing entrepreneur, which I've said publicly. He's not a geopolitics expert."

On October 3, Musk tweeted his opinion, which supports Russian demands, as the best outcome for the Russian war on Ukraine.

Musk's post called for an UN-supervised vote in Ukraine to determine whether the areas under siege in Ukraine should be part of Russia.

He also called on Ukraine to give Crimea to Russia, urging them to remain neutral without applying to join NATO or Russia.

Despite criticism, Musk doubled down on Twitter the same ideas that some Ukrainians prefer to join and vote for Russia.

Russian officials thanked Musk for his take on the matter; however, the Tesla CEO received wide criticism from many others, including the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and US Senator Lindsay Graham.

Garry Kasparov, an activist who had been jailed and beaten by the Russian government for his audacity, described Musk's opinion as a "repetition of Kremlin propaganda.

A few weeks back, Musks was praised as a hero because the billionaire enabled its Starlink satellite internet service to keep parts of the country online in the early conflict.

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