European Union to Unveil Plans For Digital Wallet For Citizens

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The bloc-wide "digital wallet" for citizens will enable them to access a range of "private and public services" with a single online ID.

“The new digital ID will give all Europeans the keys to their digital twin,” says Thierry Breton, EU commissioner.

European Union

The digital wallet App will store payment details and passwords in a more secured ways and allow citizens from all 27 countries to log onto websites of governments within their countries. The App will also make it possible for EU citizens to pay utility bills using a single recognised ID.

Citizens of member countries can access the app via fingerprint or retina scanning, of course, sources confirmed to Financial Times that other methods such as chip implant in the body can be added.

More importantly, it will also serve as a vault where users can store official documents like the driver's licence, the FT reported.

Regarding privacy anduser data issues, the EU says it will prevent companies from access such sensitive user information from using the wallet for any other commercial activity such as marketing new products. It is still uncertain how that's going to work where International organizations are constantly coming under cyber attacks and state sponsored hackers.

The European Union Digital Wallet is expected to be fully operational in about a year.

Sceptics and social commentators have started asking questions, "How long until you can't log in to social networks without your EU digital ID? Smells like a backdoor approach to end anonymity on the Internet."

Another online commentator lamented by equating this new measures with China's Communist Party policies, "this is the case in China -- you cannot do anything without your National ID, when did Europe started to turn into China?"


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