Italian Man who killed Nigerian in Citivanova Marche has mental problem - Lawyer claims

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  • Angry Nigerians protest on the street of Corso Umberto.
  • Widow calls for justice
  • Italian killer apologizes

Citivanova Marche - The defence lawyer of Filippo Claudio, the 32-year-old man who murdered a Nigerian on the street in Civitanova Marche, claimed his client has mental health.

The Gazette first reported how the 39-year-old disabled Nigerian, Alika Ogochukwu, was killed with his own crutch on 29 July 2022 at about 2pm.

Italian killing Nigerian on the street
Italian Man who killed Nigerian in Citivanova Marche has mental problem - Lawyer claims

Standard Gazette gathered that Nigerian residents in Civitanova Marche took to the street on Saturday afternoon to demand justice. "we want justice, enough racism against blacks," the protester shouted on the street.

The protesters numbering up to 300 residents, blocked the street Corso Umberto, where the killing of the Nigerian disabled beggar took place.

Among the protesters are the victim's widow, Charity Oriachi, and their son, Emmanuel Ogochukwu.

The Italian killer, Filippo Claudio, is said to have recently moved to Citivanova Marche, living with his partner.

A video of Pilippo sniffing the life out of Ogochukwu in the presence of tens of residents and tourists who did nothing surfaced on social media.

The director of the Civitanova police station, Fabio Mazza, said, "investigations are underway, but the situation is quite clear." "Everything seems to have arisen from a dispute for futile reasons, with an abnormal reaction on the part of the aggressor against the victim who was asking for alms," a local paper, La Republica, quotes the officer.

The Mayor of Civitanova, Fabrizio Ciarapiza, was seen at the square, speaking with angry protesters.

A factory worker, Anthony, said, "Here, there is a ferocious racism against us," referring to black residents in Civitanova Marche. He added, "yet, we do the jobs that the Italians no longer want to do."

Meanwhile, only a few Italians showed solidarity at the crime scene as some were seen placing a bouquet of flowers in front of the shopping malls where Ogochukwu was murdered.

Citivanova Marche's murderer Ferlazzo has mental problem - says Roberta Bizzarri

While Ferlazzo remains in police custody, his defence lawyer, Roberta Bizzarri, alleged that his client suffers from mental health.

According to La Republica, Bizzarri said, "He is in a state of confusion. He is a boy with psychiatric problems. He has a civil disability recognized at 100%. He has been undergoing support administration for some time."

The lawyer also claimed that Ogochukwu's attacker lived with his mom in Salerno before he moved to Civitanova a few months ago, "he is bipolar and borderline." he lives with his partner and had found a fixed-term job in a foundry."

The 32-year-old Ferlazzo is "saddened by what happened and apologizes," his lawyer claimed.

Ferlazzo's apology contradicts his action after he killed Ogochukwu by stealing his mobile phone at the scene.

In his defence, Ferlazzo claimed he "collected his personal belongings from the ground including his broken watch and took the cell phones by mistake," claiming he only realized this later.

His lawyer will ask for a psych evaluation.

Meanwhile, Charity Oriachi has called on the Italian government to ensure there is justice in the murder of her husband.

Speaking with journalists during the protest, Charity said, "All I want is justice for my husband. I want justice. Somebody that killed him, I want that person to pay dearly for it; that is what I want."

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