Separate European Countries Turn To Vladimir Putin For Sputnik V Vaccine

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European countries are putting their differences aside by turning to Russia for help with the coronavirus vaccine.

This is coming after Germany restricted the use of AstraZeneca jab in under 60s.

According to a new report by Metro, Angela Merkel, 66, and her French counterpart, President Emmanuel Macron, have discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a joint video conference seeking cooperation on the jab.

European countries turned to Russian vaccines despite Merkel saying she would take the AstraZeneca vaccine "when it is my turn," as just as the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) continue to say, "the benefits outweigh the risk."

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Kremlin also confirmed that it was in talks with Europe on registering the Sputnik V vaccine across the EU.

The talks also include "potential deliveries and joint production of the vaccine inside the EU," Metro reports.

Reports have it that EMA is reviewing Sputnik V and has yet to approve it. Meanwhile, some desperate EU countries have either approved it or sought cooperation to access it for support at the national level.

The new age limit is a significant blow on the AstraZeneca's vaccines as STIKO, Germany vaccine committee agreed that under 60s should receive it on the condition that they belong to high priority groups, "including high-risk patients and medical workers."

Meanwhile, in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confidence in AstraZeneca jabs as he said there was no need to reconsider the vaccine.

Robert Jenrick, the Communities Secretary, told Sky News that "We're 100% confident in the efficacy of the vaccine.

"That's borne out by study after study, by our own independent world-class regulators and by recent research, for example, by Public Health England that's shown that thousands of people's lives have been saved since the start of this year alone thanks to our vaccine programme.

"People should continue to go forward, get the vaccine, I certainly will when my time comes.

"It is a safe vaccine, and the UK's vaccine rollout is saving people's lives right across the country every day."

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