Shocking: Surrendered Russian soldier in tears as Ukrainians helps him to call his mom

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Social media is taking aback after seeing a video of a surrendered Russian soldier being fed by Ukrainians.

The video, which lasted 1m 45 seconds, shows Ukrainians assisting the captured soldier in calling his mom while he drinks tea and eats pasty.

Due to the kindness shown, the soldier busted into tears as his mom consoled him that "everything will be okay, my son."

Meanwhile, a male voice is heard in the background, saying in a local language, "these young men. It's not their fault. They don't know why they are here."

President Zelenksky had earlier said, "these are not warriors of the superpower. These are confused children who were used."

"All the captives say only one thing: they do not know why they are here. Despite the fact that there are dozens of times more than them, the morale of the enemy is constantly deteriorating."

Eight days into the invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the UN has said over a million Ukrainians had fled their birth country.

The people had fled into Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romanian, Moldova, Belarus and Russia.

According to UN figure, Hungary has taken in 139,686, Moldova - 97,827, Poland - 505 582, Slovakia - 72, 200, Romanian - 51, 261, Russia - 47, 800 and Belarus - 357.

Putin, who is now being compared to the German dictator, Hitler, has increased artillery bombardment on the southern port city of Mariupol in the last 15 hours.

Kharkiv has reportedly been taken over by Moscow troops and now matching and causing more havoc towards Kyiv.

The deputy major of Mariupol on the Black Sea, Sergiy Orlov, said Mariupol had been levelled with the city surrounded by invading forces as bombs rain down.

"We are near to a humanitarian catastrophe," Russian forces are several kilometres away on all sides," the Deputy major said.

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