Suspected terror attack in Brussels: One Police officer killed, another injured

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A suspected knife attacker has been shot dead after fatally stabbing a police officer and injuring another.

The incident, which happened near a train station in Brussels on Thursday evening, is believed to be terrorism-linked, according to a Belgian official.

The police said the suspected attacker was "neutralized" after stabbing the officer.

The Belgian police added, "One of our patrols was attacked by a man armed with a knife.

"The two police officers then called for reinforcements. An officer from another patrol used his firearm to neutralize the attacker."

"The two injured detectives and the assailant were taken to hospital," police added.

The Associated Press quoted a judicial officer who didn't want his name mentioned because of the issue's sensitivity that there is "a suspicion of a terror attack," but did not elaborate.

According to a local media report, the officer was stabbed in the neck and later died in the hospital.

According to Le Soir, the suspect had earlier gone to the Evere police station where he threatened police officers.

Another officer quickly neutralized the attack using his firearm.

Brussels fire brigade and three ambulances were at the scene.

Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlindenposted on Twitter, expressing her condolences to the families of the officer who lost his life during the incident.

Annelies posted, "Terrible drama and heartbreaking news. My thoughts are, first and foremost, with the next of kin, the members of the police zone, and the entire police organization.

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