More than Six dozens dead as bridge collapse in Morbi town of India

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At least more than six dozen have been killed after a bridge collapsed in India.

The suspension bridge plunged hundreds of others into a river below while some clung to the structures for survival.

Bridge collapse in India
Bridge collapse in India

The incident happened in the Western state of Gujarat. The bridge was only opened last week after it had been closed for six months.

The bridge was reportedly built during the British Colonial era, around the 1800s.

The bridge, popularly called Julto Pool, is a tourist attraction situated in the center of Morbi town.

Local news says more than 400 people were on the bridge when it collapsed into the Machhu River.

Reuter quotes government officials as saying that the death toll may rise rapidly.

Minister Brijesh Merja told local news that 60 people had died, and 17 were hospitalized. He added that the casualties might rise as the rescue operation continued.

According to reports, many casualties were women, older people, and teenagers.

Amit Jhala, a senior official at the hospital where the injured are receiving treatments, said, “Many have been rescued from the river, and some are still missing.”

The government dispatched the country’s security agencies – navy, air force, and army to help rescue victims as the news displayed images of missing victims.

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