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Plane Carrying Covid-19 Medical Supplies Crashes

A plane carrying Coronavirus medical supplies has crashed at Manila International Airport in the Philippines.

The plane crashed during takeoff killing all the eight people on board on Sunday.

Crash site
The crash site

The aircraft was bound for Haneda, Japan.

The government reportedly chattered the plan to carry emergency supplies to the country as it battles against the spread of Coronavirus.

Footage of the cash showed huge smoke while emergency services rushed to the scene.

A picture of the horrible scene later emerged after firefighters put out the flame.

The aircraft is reportedly owned by a charter service company in the Philippines called Lion Air

Coronavirus in Japan have increased in the last few days as the government refused to place the country on lockdown.

Tokyo governor, Yuriko Koike, had warned that the capital was entering “an important phase in preventing an explosive rise in the number of infections.”

He asked the 14 million people living in the city to stay at home over the weekend.

Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, also warned the country was getting closer to a national emergency.

He promised an unprecedented package to protect the world’s third-biggest economy from collapse.

Editor’s note: The image on this post is not the actual image of the crash site. It’s merely for illustration purpose.