Reading Stabbing: Suspect Is A Libyan Asylum Seeker

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The UK Counter Terror Police is treating the stabbing attacks in Reading as a terror attack.

The police have confirmed the suspect to be a 25-year-old Libyan asylum seeker, Khairi Saadallah.

The Head of the UCTP Neil Basu said the suspect “ran into Forbury Gardens and attacked members of the public with a knife” at around 7pm yesterday.”

Knife: Reading Stabbing: Suspect Is A Libyan Asylum Seeker

The Police arrested Mr Saadallah at the scene on Forbury Gardens on Saturday evening.

Three people have died from a knife wound and another three were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries after the attack.

Witness described the attack as “completely ransom”.

One of the victims, according to report, was discharged on Sunday morning while the other two are still recuperating at the hospital.

The Assistant Commissioner Basu said, “there is nothing to suggest that there was anyone else involved in this attack”.

So far, forty-one witnesses have come forward and the Met Police are appealing to the general public with any useful information to step forward.

The Met Police has also advised the general public to continue about their daily lives as there is “no specific intelligence people attending crowded places are at risk”.

The Poice also disclosed that the incident was not connected to the Black Lives Matter protest that took place in the early hour of the day.

It is believed that the suspect came to the United Kingdom many years ago as a refugee due to the civil war that was in Libya.

According to a security source, the police is considering mental health as a major factor.

Mr Saadallah’s flat was raided on Saturday night by armed counter-terrorism police and removed a large circular saw and a number of other items.

Responding to the attack, Sir Keir Starmer, Labour leader said: “It’s horrific that it happened at all wherever it happened, and across Reading, across the country, there will be communities really upset and worried about this, united in their grief.

“And all of our thoughts are with those who have lost someone in this.”
“The investigation must be completed, but of course, this is not a time for party politics.”

Editor’s note: The image is for illustration purpose has no connection with the actual incident.

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