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Referendum: Latest in UK after BREXIT

Barely 24hrs after UK referendum to leave EU, the following has happened:

A petition by James O’Malley is  calling for London to declare independence and reapply to EU plus Schengen states and has garnered over 8000 votes in few hours

There are speculations that JP Morgans has started a plan to relocate staff to Dublin and Frankfurt. 

Another Petition is in circulation asking for another referendum and has got more than 80,000 signature. Right now the website crashed as more are joining the call.

Even those who voted for LEAVE EU are regretting their decisions as many claimed they were robbed off their votes. They claimed they did not know what they were doing and they feel really sad.

David Cameron announces his resignation, calling for new leadership for the UK.

Johnson Boris, the lead campaigner of LEAVE European Union was seen booed at his residence by those angry over the outcome of the result, plus those who are regretting voting in favour.

Voters unhappy with the result of the EU Referendum are using the hashtag #NotMyVote as Londoners back independence for the capital.

The capital was one of the only regions in the UK to vote in favour of remaining in the European Union in the historic referendum yesterday.

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