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Stop Injecting Your Penises With Cooking Oil To Make Them Bigger – Doctors Warn Men

Worried doctors in Papua New Guinea have warned men who are injecting their penises with cooking oil to desist.


Just over the last two years, over 500 cases have been recorded with men as young as 16 years injecting their penises with cooking oil and other substances in a desperate attempt to have bigger manhood.

The doctors said the procedures had led to some of them suffering with ulcers which eventually burst open on their penis

One out of five of the men had undergone surgery to repair the damage done to the erectile muscles, and sadly, some may never have sex again.

According to Surgeon Akule danlop who spoke with The Guardian other substances used are coconut oil, silicone and baby oil – all of which can damage the functionality of the penis.

He told the Guardian: ‘The bulk of them have abnormal, lumpy masses growing over the penis and sometimes involving the scrotum.

‘A good number are coming in with ulcers; they eventually burst open. Some of them have difficulty urinating because the foreskin is so swollen it cannot contract.

‘Predominantly they regret what they have done.’

The Doctor added that men are engaged in the dangerous procedure in an attempt to have a better sexual experience with their partners.

Findings showed that many of the procedures are done by off duty male nurses who want to make some extra money.

Researchers have started collecting data on affected men in an attempt to better understand the problem.

Part of the study is to find out whether exposure to pornography may have instigated the issue.