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19-year-old Teenager Shot Outside Sudbury Hill Station

A teenager has been shot outside a north-west London tube Station.

The incident happened on Wednesday evening at 6.40 pm outside Sudbury Hill Station in Harrow.

The victim is said to be a 19-year-old teenager.

His current condition is unknown, however, paramedics rushed him to a local hospital after finding him with bullet wounds.

No arrests have been made as detectives continue to hunt for the suspect.

Two possible witnesses took to their Twitter on Wednesday evening to break the news.

One user posted “Someone has just been shot outside Sudbury Hill Station in Harrow. Gunshots were heard from as far as Greenford.”

A second Twitter user wrote “Possible shooting in Greenford. Heard five close shots by Sudbury Hill Station. Ambulances on the scene.”

The police have closed down Greenford road and no train is stopping at Sudbury Hill Station.

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