A Grandmother Whose Two-year-old Grandson Was Shot In The Head Begs Public For Help

  • Detectives offer £20,000 reward for useful information

A grandmother is seeking public assistance to bring to justice, a gunman who shot her two-year-old grandson in the head.

Lilian Serunkuma said people with information should “do the right thing” and step forward to help the police.

Mrs Serunkuma said she is “perplexed” and worried that someone who would do that “is a risk to the community”.

The grandmother said “This situation has had me perplexed by the actions of the person who did this and as much as I appeal to those who have any information I also understand their reluctance to say anything, however, I urge them to do the right thing as this could have happened to anyone.

“The perpetrator chose to do this to innocent victims, therefore this is not a person that should be free if anyone knows something. I worry that someone with that mind-set is a risk to the community. This is something no family should have to deal with. The fact that an innocent child was also a victim, it’s important that people acknowledge this should never happen and any information however insignificant at the time may be important now.”

Meanwhile, Met police have offered £20,000 reward for any useful information that leads to the conviction of the perpetrators.

Detectives have released a CCTV which shows two men in black clothing riding speedily out of the area.

The incident happened on Wednesday, 3 June shortly before 21:45hrs on Energen Close in Harlesden, NW10.

The police arrived at the scene and found four people, including the two-year-old boy and his mother with gunshot injuries.

Luckily, the boy survived the gunshot as doctors told the family that the bullet missed his crucial artery by just 1mm, and if damaged, would have been fatal, according to a police report.

Meanwhile, the police said the other three victims – two men, aged in their late teens, and the mother of the child were also rushed to the hospital.

The injuries they sustained are expected to have a long-lasting impact on the victims, police said in a statement.

So far, six people have been arrested in connection with the incident – a 20-year old man arrested on 5 June.

On 12 June, a 20-year-old man, 29-year-old, a 23-year-old man, a 37-year-old man were all arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender – all were released under investigation.

On 3 July, detectives arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder and was later released under investigation.

A 29-year-old man was arrested on 118 August on suspicion of assisting an offender and rearrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder. He was also released under investigation, the police report said.

The detectives believed a man with a handgun fired a shot at one of the teenage men and then fired into a car containing the boy, his mother and another teenage male.

Two other children in the car were unharmed while the mother was hit multiple times.

The police said the gunman left the scene on a moped.

Appealing to the public, detective Chief Inspector Pete Wallis from Specialist Crime North who is leading the investigation said “This was an appalling attack that left a little boy fighting for his life and, by sheer chance, did not end in a fatality. We have worked around the clock to try and find those responsible but we need the public’s help. We are now offering a £20,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of those responsible for this attack.

“The public have a huge role in helping to both prevent and detect crime. We need to hear from anyone who has information about this crime.”

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