Breaking: UK Announces Double Jabbed Patients in Hospitals Are Increasing

UK’s top scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance has disclosed that 60 percent of people being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 have had two doses of a coronavirus vaccine.

AstraZeneca Vaccine
AstraZeneca Vaccine

This recent development comes as figures show most parts of England now have more coronavirus patients in hospital than at any point since mid-March.

Speaking at a Downing Street on Monday, Sir Patrick Vallance said: “In terms of the number of people in the hospital who’ve been double-vaccinated, we know it’s around 60 percent of the people being admitted to hospital with COVID.

“We do expect there to be over 1,000 people per day being hospitalised with coronavirus because of the increase in infections. But the rates should be lower than they have been previously because of the protective effects of vaccination.”

He noted that since the vaccine was not 100 percent effective, it was not surprising.

“They’re very, very effective, but not 100 percent, and as a higher proportion of the population is double-vaccinated, it’s inevitable that those 10 percent of that very large number remain at risk, and therefore will be amongst the people who both catch the infection and end up in hospital.”

In the whole of England, there are now 3,813 patients in hospital with COVID-19 – the highest number since March. Sir Patrick also warned members of the public that the numbers are increasing even as there are higher variants of Covid that could emerge anytime soon.

He said the UK was quite close to the previous “winter wave” of infections.

“In the winter wave, we were up to around 60,000 people testing positive per day,” he said.

“We are now somewhere on towards 50,000. So we’re quite close to the size of the winter wave of infections and this is going to increase.”

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