British National Working At British Embassy In Germany Arrested On Suspicion Of Spying For Russia

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A staff of the British embassy in Germany has been arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia.

The suspect, named David S, 57, is a private contractor employed as a security guard and was monitored by MI5.

The investigation and arrest were made in a joint investigation between Germany and the United Kingdom.

David S was detained in Potsdam on the allegation that he had been secretly working for Russia.

According to a statement from the German prosecutor, "Until his arrest, David S worked as a local employee at the British Embassy in Berlin.

"On at least one occasion, he forwarded documents obtained in the course of his professional activities to a representative of a Russian intelligence service.

"The accused received cash in an as yet unknown amount in return for his transmission of information," it added.

His home and office have been searched, the prosecutor's statement said.

A security source believed that the man's motivation was likely money.

Though he is believed not to have access to highly classified materials, Focus Online reported that he handed over documents containing information on counterterrorism to the Russians.

German Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the incident as "unacceptable", adding that the case is being taken "very seriously".

The Metropolitan police said in a statement that the man was arrested on Tuesday, 10 August, "on suspicion of committing offences relating to being engaged in "intelligence Agent activity" (under German law)."

The suspect is expected to appear at a Federal Court of Justice in Germany.

A UK government spokesperson confirmed the arrest. "It would not be appropriate to comment further as there is an ongoing police investigation."

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