Brits Leave London In Droves Without Social Distancing To Avoid Tier 4

  • Matt Hancock slams those running away from London
  • Prince William left London before Tier 4 announcement

Brits in England took to their heels after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Tier 4 Lockdown on Saturday.

The chaotic scenes were captured at London’s major train station as hundreds of people packed their bags and ready to leave the capital for areas with Tier 1, 2, and 3.

The idea is to spend Xmas with loved ones – friends and families who lived outside the Tier 4 zones.

Video by Politics For All

Boris Johnson announced a stricter measure for the Christmas period amid arising Coronavirus cases, therefore, cancelled Christmas for millions of people across London.

During the announcement, Mr Johnson warned that people in Tier 4 are not allowed to travel to other areas with lower tiers, and vice versa, and are subjected to a legal stay at home order as of midnight of Saturday.

Hundreds of Brits took to their heels to flee the capital ahead of Sunday midnight.

A video captured showed crowed on queues, mostly with no regards for social distancing, with their suitcases waiting to board the train.

A woman who tweeted from St. Pancras said “As expected, the train is crammed. Announcement on tannoy says social distancing ‘will not be possible’ due to volume and to get off if you are not comfortable with that,” Daily Mirror captured.

“Everyone of course has suitcases. People have tried to secure social distancing by placing on seats but being asked to remove them by other passengers as the train is so full.

“To make matters worse, we’ve been told this train will be taken out of service at Derby. We will all get off and board a new train, no doubt mixing the virus amongst ourselves as we reorganise with new seat partners.”

Another Twitter user said, “England’s Chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty said people considering leaving Tier 4 areas now should unpack their bag and stay at home.”

“Tier 4 Londoners in St Pancras right now:”

The Royal family isn’t exempted from the migration caused by the Tier 4 announcement.

Prince William, Kate and the children reportedly left London before Boris Johnson made the restriction announcement public.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were said to have left with their three children to their country homes Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

They decided to spend Christmas together before the Minister announced the draconian measures.

Many London residents fault the way the government handled the pandemic, describing it as “shambles”.

Rose Wilford, 28, spent a week self-isolating as a precautionary measure before going home for Christmas. Wilford said she had “wasted” a week of her life following the Tier 4 restriction banning her from spending Xmas with her family.

She told PA: “I made a real conscious effort to self-isolate – I made sure I had enough food to last me. I have not left my house other than to pop in the garden. I am frustrated more than anything because I feel like I have wasted the last seven days more than anything, for what reason?

“My mum is absolutely devastated. But at the same time, because they are Tier 2 they can still see my brother.”

“The way the Government has handled this is a shambles,” she added.

“If we had clear communication throughout, and maybe been put in a longer lockdown in November, it makes you think, would we be able to be out of it by Christmas and celebrating with our families?”

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Matt Hancock named drifters who left the city in a huge crowd with disregards for social distancing as “totally irresponsible”.

While speaking to Sky’s Sophy Ridge, Mr Hancock hit the people fleeing the capital.

He said: ‘This was clearly totally irresponsible behaviour. The Chief Medical Officer (Professor Chris Whitty) was absolutely clear that people should unpack their bags if they have them packed.’

“I think it is relatively small numbers and the large, vast majority of people throughout this whole pandemic have followed the rules, been responsible and played their part, and I want to thank everybody for doing that.

“It is more important than ever that people are responsible, not only stick to the rules, but even within the rules restrict social contact as much as is possible because this is deadly serious.”

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