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COVID-19: Boris Johnson’s ‘Plan Simply Isn’t Working’, Says Labour Leader

Leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer has advised Prime Minister Boris Johnson to impose a short “circuit-breaker” lockdown in England to control the surge in Coronavirus.

Starmer who became the leader of the party since 2020 heaped pressure on the PM after it became known that Mr Johnson ignored a recommendation for the measures from his own scientists three weeks ago.

The party leader is recommending that Johnson implement two to three-week national lockdown over half-term to help improve test and trace and prevent a “sleepwalk into a long and bleak winter”.

Speaking at a televised press conference, Starmer said the PM was no longer “following the scientific advice” as he announced “far less stringent restrictions” against the recommendation by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).

Sir Starmer Boris Johnson’s “plan simply isn’t working”, adding that, during his suggested “circuit-breaker”, all pubs, restaurants and bar should be closed except schools.

The party leader also suggested that during the same period, businesses should be compensated to void “businesses loses out” in the effort to reduce COVID-19 infection.

He added, “If we don’t, we could sleepwalk into a long and bleak winter. That choice is now for the Prime Minister to make. I urge him to do so”.

Meanwhile, from midnight, the country will split into three COVID-19 alert levels – “medium”, “high” and “very high”.