Facebook Bans Breastfeeding Ads

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Facebook has banned baby bottle company Tommee Tippee's new breastfeeding advert for showing nudity. The social media giant says the advert did not comply with its policies.

The breastfeeding advert by the Newcastle based company called 'The Boob Life', is an unapologetic celebration of mothers, their bodies and their choices according to official sources.

Tommee Tippee has faced advertising restrictions due to the social media platform's policies, but has been allowed to show the clip as an organic post on its page.

The company says broadcasters are also prohibiting the video until after the watershed because of 'excessive visible skin'.

The advert was based on a survey conducted by Tommee Tippee that revealed 93 per cent of mothers felt their mental, physical and emotional struggles with feeding had gone unnoticed.

Tommee Tippee UK's Nicola Wallace said: 'It's outrageous and hugely offensive to women - we should be normalising breastfeeding in society and what real women's bodies look like, not pandering to outdated societal views on what's appropriate.

'We are only just seeing real depictions of periods on TV for the first time, it's not good enough, and Tommee Tippee are taking a stand.

Source: DailyMail

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