Influx Of Illegal Migrants In Britain Generate Concerns

  • Priti Patel reveals plans to halt the crossing
  • Chris Philip to meet with French counterparts next week.
  • Nigel Farage decries uncontrol influx of migrants
  • MoD plans to offer military aides to Civil authorities

The United Kingdom is considering to work with France and other EU countries on how to crack down on illegal migrants attempting to cross the Channel by boat.

The Home Office Secretary, Priti Patel made this known via her Twitter handle on Friday.

The crackdown is to include taking the migrant back to French ports instead of allowing them to the UK.

The country is trying to criminalize the migrants who are caught attempting to cross the Channel.

Illegal Migrants Crossing the Channel
Illegal Migrants Crossing the Channel. Image credit: The Telegraph

The government will work with the French government to fingerprint and allow them to face "real consequences," these include being deported or taken into custody for breaking the law.

Chris Philip who is the UK Immigration Minister will hold a meeting with French counterparts next week in an effort to shut down the Calais-to-Britain route, ITV News reported on Friday.

Dozens of migrants arrived at the shore of the country on Friday which has attracted concerns, particularly from the Home Office.

The government said it has taken in over 400 unaccompanied migrant children into care already this year.

Mr Philip's plan, according to his article on Daily Telegraph is to work with the French authorities to put a halt “to stop these illegal migrants from getting in the water in the first place” as the move will be beneficiary to both countries.

“Shutting down this route completely will mean illegal migrants no longer have any reason to flock to northern France – meaning no more camps near Calais and no criminal gangs operating with impunity on French soil.”

One of Mr Philip's proposal to France is to ensure that any migrant caught attempt to cross the Channel should be removed from Calais and given protection in France or an option to return to their home countries.

He added, “And illegal migrants need to be fingerprinted so they know that, once detected, they face real consequences if they try to cross again.

“We need to intercept those who manage to leave France and return those who make it to our shores,” he said. “That’s why I will continue to push my French counterparts to look hard at interceptions at sea.”

The Immigration Minister said the UK is ready to show the French government “how boats can be intercepted and returned safely”.

The plans will also cover flights in the coming days. The will be made to return people to France while Britain will be seeking to ramp up the activity.

On Friday, the Home Secretary decried the illegal small boat crossing the Channels, describing it as "appalling, unacceptably high and shameful."

Patel suggested that "Genuine refugees should claim asylum" in France and other EU states instead of risking their lives and break the law by coming to the UK.

"I am working to make this route unviable. This involves: Stopping the boats leaving France in the first place, Intercepting boats and returning those attempting to make a crossing.

"This is complex to do and we face serious legislative, legal and operational barriers. We also need the cooperation of the French to intercept boats and return migrants back to France. I know that when the British people say they want to take back control of our borders – this is exactly what they mean."

Kent Country Council leader Roger Gough said of the 400 migrant children taken into care this year, 60 were secured in the first week of August while 23 arrived on Friday, July 7 alone.

Gough said while speaking BBC’s Newsnight programme that “enormous pressure” is being put on Kent County Council amid rising numbers of unaccompanied young migrants arriving in the UK.

“We’ve had so far some 400 of these young people come into our care this year and in recent weeks and months it has been particularly rapid,” he said as reported by ITV News.

“So 65 in May, 85 in June, 70 in July and so far about 60 in August, including the 23 that you mentioned today.”

Spokesman to Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said his boss will take the matter further the moment he receives advice from officials.

Ministry of Defence plans to offer military aid to civil authorities (known as MAGA).

The arrangement has been in a form of technical support and advice rather than 'putting big boats in the Channels' the spokesman said.

The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage has remained a decrier of migrant influx in the country.

Farage tweeted on Thursday warning that with the uncontrolled influx of migrants in the country, over "7500 could be expected by Christmas"

"It is thought that about 300 people made the dangerous journey from Calais in 2018. This year, more than 3,000 have arrived already and that number could be 7,500 by Christmas.

"Yesterday was another record day as over 200 migrants entered through Dover. We knew they were coming, but started to wonder what happened after they had arrived here."

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