Oprah Interview: What Just Happened to Harry and The Royal Palace?

Imagine having a child you nurtured for close to 3 decades, then finds the love of his life and calls you out on national TV for being a good-for-nothing old man who brags and doesn’t really act nice to people.

It never was like that until Meghan came, at least that’s the opinion of many British citizens who have continued to wonder how Prince Harry has lost touch of the British heritage to the American Meghan Merkel.

In America, many blacks have experienced racism first hand and its not impossible for the Duchess to spot one. However, the US has been a country that feeds on victimhood too.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

If you want to get famous, get more money and make people whine and get emotional, victimhood is a great business and it pays.

Royal photographer, Arthur Edwards told “America reports on Monday that he was “absolutely shocked” to hear Prince Harry describe his deteriorating relationship with the British royal family in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

As the British Royal family continues to defend itself, many Britons believe the Prince has gone too far in embarrassing the Royal family as a symbol of Britain’s rich cultural heritage.

Piers Morgan and Candace Owens were of the opinion that the American Left wing whining and victimhood mentality has affected Meghan who is playing the race card to draw sympathy. However, Tennis star Serena Williams has supported the claims of the Duchess.

The British Royal family is a closely knit one which observes community service and are well bonded unlike the US where individualism is cherished – a culture lag is very possible.

By and large, the influence of black wokeness in America is at play and we may not have heard the worst yet from this epic game of thrones.

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