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Police Arrest Kadian Nelson Over Rape Allegation In Merton

Police said a man that was earlier declared wanted in connection to an alleged rape in Merton has been arrested.

Kadian Nelson, 26, was arrested on suspicion of rape of a teenager at 20:02 in Robinson Road, SW17.

He was arrested following a call from a member of the public, the police disclosed on Tuesday evening.

Detectives said the man remains in custody.

The victim remains supported by specially trained officers.

After the report, officers from the South West Command Unit conducted extensive enquiries to locate the man after an allegation of rape which was received around 07:00hrs to the North Place area on Tuesday, 3 November.

Police thanked members of the public for assisting in his arrest while reminding the people to be mindful of sharing information via social media that could identify the alleged victim or affect any potential future proceedings.

The police have continued to work according to Section 60 Order that authorises stop and search.

The Boroughs of Merton and Wandsworth is still under stop and search as a result of fears of serious violence.

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