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Three People Hospitalized After Explosion in Illingworth, West Yorkshire

Three people have been hospitalized following a report of an explosion at a house in Illingworth, West Yorkshire.

Paramedics and other emergency services arrived at a house in Green Lane, Illingworth in the early hours on Saturday.

Six homes have been immediately evacuated while fire crews are continuing to tackle “pockets of fire” at the property.

According to West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, three people were treated at the scene before they were taken to the hospital.

The department said on Saturday via numerous tweets that “Crews are currently dealing with an incident at Green Ln, #Illingworth They’re working with & utility companies to deal with an explosion at a house 3 people have been treated & transported to the hospital. All other persons accounted for.

“The incident was initially attended by crews from Fairweather Green, Halifax & Odsal with specialist units from Cleckheaton & Dewsbury. Crews are dealing with any remaining pockets of fire which are being extinguished should they appear.”

“Firefighters are likely to be on the scene for some time. 

“The incident affected one building and six surrounding houses have been evacuated as a safety precaution. 

“Investigations are continuing into the cause of the explosion.”