Two Men Get Almost 30 Years Over £3million Worth Of Heroin Found In Their Bedroom In Enfield

Paul Hinds, 57, and Mehmet Yucetas, 47, have been jailed for a total of almost 30 years after £3million worth of heroin was seized from an address in Enfield.

Hinds, from Maybury Close, Enfield, while Yucetas is from Central Avenue, Enfield were both sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday, 23 April.

The duo was previously convicted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and failure to disclose pin code to protected information held within encrypted mobile phones.

Paul Hinds, the drugs and Mehmet Yucetas
Paul Hinds, the drugs and Mehmet Yucetas. Image: MET

Hinds got 14 years and three months’ imprisonment while Yucetas got 15 years’ imprisonment.

Hinds was arrested on 23 August 2019 after MEt’s Specialist Crime Command executed a drug search warrant at his home.

The police found 30 kilograms of heroin at the foot of the bed inside a large holdall in his bedroom.

Officers also found an encrypted mobile device.

Yucetas approached Hind’s house at the time of the search, and he was detained. The police found out that he had a similar encrypted device.

.A further search at Yucetas’ home uncovered more evidence of drug supply.

A look at the phone conversation revealed that the two men had planned to have the heroin delivered to Hind’s address in the early hours of 23 August.

During the trial, a drug expert estimated the seizure to be worth over £3 million in street value terms.

Serious Crime Prevention Orders were granted against both men, restricting their use of mobile phones, preventing their association and limiting their financial capabilities once released from prison.

Detective Superintendent Neil Ballard, from the Specialist Crime Command, said: “These two men were known to law enforcement agencies for drug trafficking, and this was a significant amount of heroin taken off the streets of London.

“Hinds and Yucetas’ sentences should stand as a deterrent to others. It’s a clear example that the Met continues to target those involved in serious and organised crime to reduce drugs supply and the violence associated with it.”

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