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Two Men Jailed 20 Years After Pleading Guilty To Supply Of Cocaine

Two men have been jailed for the organized supply of cocaine with the street value of £5 million.

The men, Vicrahdeep Sahota, 29, from Wokingham, Reading, and Laimutis Vikerta, 41, of Alytus, Lithuania appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday, 23 November.

The duo hard earlier in the month pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Vicrahdeep and Laimutis were both sentenced to 20-years imprisonment in total (10 years each).

The two men met their fate on 20 Mary when detectives from the Met’s Specialist Crime team near Basildon in Essex witnessed Laimutis on a Lithuanian registered HGV and Vicrahdeep on the UK registered Mini Countryman along the A127.

Both vehicles parked in a lay-by on the London bound carriageway when the police noticed Laimutis passing two large suitcases to Vicrahdeep who then placed them in his vehicles.

During a vehicle search, the police found 49 kilograms of cocaine in the two suitcases.

The suspects pleaded guilty at the same court on Tuesday, 10 November.

Speaking on the case, Detective Inspector Jim Casey said, “This is a significant seizure of high purity cocaine which would have no doubt caused hardship and misery across all the communities of London and beyond. As a result of my team’s professionalism and commitment to keeping all communities safe, this has not been allowed to happen.

“I hope that these sentences serve as a deterrent to those involved or thinking about getting involved in the supply of controlled drugs on the streets of London.”