Breaking: Mitch McConnell Blocks Senate Vote On $2000 Stimulus Check

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has blocked Democrats effort to vote on the stimulus check from $600 to $2000 per person.

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s requested to hold a vote on a House standalone measures that would boost the size of the stimulus checks.

President Donald Trump had demanded an increase of the stimulus checks but Senate GOP leadership has done otherwise ahead of the runoff election in Georgia.

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

There was no explanation to why the request was blocked the fast-track of the bill but Mitch McConnell only talked about Mr Trump’s demand on repealing liability protections for tech companies and election-related reforms.

McConnell said, “Those are the three important subjects the president has linked together. This week, the Senate will begin a process to bring these three priorities into focus.”

On Tuesday, Democrats gained 44 Republicans supporting Direct payment bill in The House. Votes were cast 275-134.

Two senators running for re-election in the Jan. 5 runoff, Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga) and David Perdue both voted in support of the $2,000 checks.

Other three Republican Sens Marco Rubio, Josh Hawley and Lindsey Graham had also publicly declared support for the measure.

At the Senate, 60 votes are needed in total to pass the bill that means, 12 Republicans are needed to get the threshold.

Earlier, Senator Bernie Sanders threatened to delay the Senate’s plans to override Trump’s veto of a crucial defence-spending package unless McConnell holds a full recorded vote on the measure of the direct payments.

Speaking at the Senate today, Schumer said “A vast majority of the public, Republican and Democrat, strongly support $2,000 checks. An overwhelming bipartisan majority in the House supports $2,000 checks. Senate Democrats strongly support $2,000 checks. Even President Trump supports $2,000 checks,” Schumer said on the Senate floor.

“There is one question left today — do Senate Republicans join with the rest of America in supporting $2,000 checks?” he continued.

“Now some of my Republican colleagues have said they support the checks, but there is a major difference in saying you support $2,000 checks and fighting to put them into law. The House bill is the only way, the only way, to deliver these stimulus checks before the end of session.”

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