Surprise Baby: Woman Conceives Second Baby While Carrying the first

39-year-old mom Rebecca Roberts and 43-year-old dad Rhys Weaver could not have imagined what they got after scanning revealed that two babies were developing in the womb two weeks apart.

The couple had tried for more than a year to conceive.

Ultrasound at 12 weeks had confirmed that baby Noah had another little sister — fraternal twin Rosalie. “I got pregnant whilst I was already pregnant, which was absolutely crazy … because that’s not supposed to happen,” Rebecca said.

In Rebecca’s case, a gynecologist, Dr Schapiro, who spoke to CNN reveals that the egg was fertilized and implanted during the first ovulation, and “somehow she ovulated again during that same cycle,” Schapiro explained.

Less than 10 of such cases has been recorded in the world according to studies.

“Another egg was also fertilized — became another embryo — and at different times both embryos implanted in the uterus. “Another reason superfetations are exceptional, Schapiro said, is that once the pregnancy begins, the uterus is no longer a hospitable place for implantation. That means the second embryo “must have managed to implant and grow at a stage when we would not have thought it would be able to grow.”

Dr Schapiro called it a “medical marvel” however, in many climes, it is a miracle.

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